The Eco Lodge

Unique Accommodations

Our Eco-Pods are every glamper's dream! Constructed from a wooden frame and sewn canvas walls they are as original as they come - designed by Rory. The combination of the fresh mountain air and cozy bed with it's high quality mattress promises to leave guests refreshed.

Inside a Penta-Pod

The inspiration for the Tetra-Pods was that the tetrahedron is the simplest 3 dimensional shape found recurring in nature. Our equally sided Tetra-Pods reach 6 meters in height to a star-gazing ceiling.

Then came a design for a 5 sided structure, which led to our Penta-Pods. They sit directly on the river so are built on stilts for if the river rises during Winter. Even in the height of Summer the river is cool enough to chill a few beers while you enjoy the scenery from your very own pentagonal-shaped deck.

We are continuing to expand, and by Summer of 2020 we will have our two stone houses fully renovated for guests who would like to come on retreat immersed in nature, but prefer to not sleep in an eco-pod. Stay tuned on our progress, and for more details to come.

As an alternative, we have a budget option for retreats to come and pitch your own tent in our camping area.

When we do not have a retreat, a course, or a yoga teacher training running, we rent out the accommodations for bed and breakfast. Inquire directly through our Contact Page.


As part of our sustainability our shared showers are heated by either a wood burning fire, or by the heat of the sun. On a hot summer's day a wash in the river using our complementary and home-made natural soap is a perfect way to freshen up and cool down.


Our shared toilets are all compost/dry system toilets, which is again part of our minimal waste of water. After use, rather than flushing you put in a scoop of saw dust.

Mindfulness with Molly

May 5th to May 11th, 2021 ~ A retreat to dive deeper into mindfulness and find ease with professional Mindfulness Coach Molly Black who is based in Chicago, IL. Experience & enjoy transformative yoga classes, Reiki sessions, Guided Meditations, and Mindfulness Workshops.


Yoga Teacher Training ~ 2021

Summer of 2021 we will be hosting 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Off Grid Yoga School, and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with AnyBody Movement. Both are Yoga Alliance Accredited Schools with fantastic reviews. See more to explore these opportunities to advance your yoga practice.


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Cara Creek Eco Lodge

Cara Creek Eco Lodge
O Mondego, Fiais
Ervedal Da Beira, Oliveira do Hospital
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