The Eco Lodge


Our Eco Pods are every "glamper's" (glamorous camper's) dream! Sleep in close proximity with nature but in the comforts of a cozy bed. Constructed from a frame and sewn canvas walls they are as original as they come - designed by Rory. 

The inspiration for the Tetra-Pods was that the tetrahedron is the simplest 3 dimensional shape found recurring in nature. Our equally sided Tetra-Pods reach 6 meters in height to a star-gazing ceiling.

Our Penta-Pods (5 sided eco-pod) are slightly smaller than our Tetra-Pods, and have their own private deck.

We also two private rooms available in our traditional stone houses for guests who would like to come on retreat immersed in nature, but prefer something less rustic.


Showers are heated by either solar power or a wood burning fire. We have both flushing toilets and composting toilets. As part of our sustainability the hot tub is on Friday and Saturday night only.


Cara Creek Eco Lodge


Lounge by the infinity pool; star gaze from the hot tub; break a sweat in the sauna; wild swim in the creek; read on the river beach; paddle board down the Mondego; workout in the open-air pavilion; hike to the waterfall... There's plenty to enjoy no matter what you're in the mood for!



Sleep in close proximity with nature with the comforts of a cozy bed in one of our eco pods - every "glamper's" (glamorous camper's) dream. Alternatively, book a private room in one of our sustainably renovated stone houses.


Treat Yourself

To treat yourself during your stay, there are a variety of holistic therapies to book including: Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment, Soul Coaching, and Private Yoga.


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Cara Creek Eco Lodge

Cara Creek Eco Lodge
O Mondego, Fiais
Ervedal Da Beira, Oliveira do Hospital
Contact us directly at +351 965 162 534

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