Yoga Teacher Training

It is when we step out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves that we discover what we are truly capable of...

Here at Cara Creek Eco Lodge, we host both 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

The programs are holistic, diverse and packed full of all the elements required not only for certification but for personal growth and development. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, the programs ask you to practice living, eating and breathing yoga and nature. It is deep and personal work and truly a life-changing experience.

-->To read more about the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program being hosted here - Click this link and you'll be redirected to Off Grid Yoga School

-->To read more about the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program being hosted here - Click this link and you'll be redirected to Anybody Movement

Stay with Us

Cara Creek Eco Lodge

Mini Farm | Our Pets

Meet Lily and Lola, our dwarf goats! Maintaining our permaculture principles, they eat the weeds and provide us with milk to make fresh cheese. We have pigs that enjoy roaming freely down by the river, and chickens for fresh eggs, too. We also have loveable pets, 4 dogs and 2 cats.


Unique Accommodations

Sip a coffee as the river flows past your private deck of one of our 5 Penta-Pods. Star Gaze from bed in one of our 4 Tetra-Pods. Pitch your own tent in our camping area. Or from Spring 2020, stay in one of our renovated traditional Portuguese stone houses.


Exceptional Eco Facilities

We have built some eco-friendly facilities that blend in well to those that are naturally provided. Paddle in the natural swimming pool, relax in the wood-fired hot tub, rock jump into the creek for a wild swim, or stand up paddle board along the River Mondego....



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Cara Creek Eco Lodge

Mondego, Fiais da Beira,
Ervedal Da Beira, Coimbra, Portugal
Contact us directly at +351 965 162 534

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