Day Retreats by Off Grid Yoga School

~ Upcoming Dates ~

Sunday September 27th

Day retreats are to reset, relax, rejuvenate. To connect with nature, yourself, and others with the same intention

Day retreats are coordinated and led in both English and Portuguese by 2 Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teachers 

What’s Included?
~Pick up and drop off from Carregal do Sal train station
~Two Transformational Yoga Sessions 
~Morning workshops (vary depending on retreat theme)
~Vegetarian Lunch
Leisure time for:
*Paddle boarding*
*Wood-Fired Sauna & Hot tub*
*Natural Swimming Pool*
*A Wild Creek Swim with optional rock jump*
*Clay Mud Bath*
~Tea/Coffee/fruit/nuts available throughout the day for snacking
~Vegetarian Dinner

Optional extras include?
~Stay on-site the night before or after

~A special treatment by one of our holistic therapists~

Reflexology is based on the idea that different points on your feet, hands, face and ears are linked to other parts of your body through your nervous system. During a typical session, we will use the hands to apply gentle pressure to these points. This treatment is recommended as a way to relieve tension, improve mood and help you to sleep.

This is a Japanese technique which involves the 'laying of hands' on or over different areas of the body including the head, shoulders, stomach and feet. It's based on the idea that we have a 'life force energy' that flows within our bodies. When this energy is low, it makes us more likely to become unwell. A Reiki treatment aims to restore life force energy to help you to heal and stay well. Some people find it makes them feel more relaxed and less stressed. It is non-invasive.

This therapy involves the use of essential oils, which are extracted from plant parts. Various parts of the plant can be used including the roots, leaves, flowers, bark and stems. As the name suggests, the aroma or smell from the oils, when inhaled or absorbed through the skin, stimulates brain function. This can enhance the physical and psychological well-being of an individual. It is a more gentle, relaxing massage.

Indian Head Massage
Indian head massage uses and adapts classic Swedish massage techniques for treating scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms. It works on the areas of the body that are most affected by stress, however while the treatment is just on the upper part of the body it's effects are felt throughout the mind and body. It is done over clothes.

Swedish Body Massage
This involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles. This is also combined with movement of the joints. By relieving muscle tension. It can be both relaxing and energizing. It is the most popular form of massage,

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
The treatment is designed to relax and ease tension in the areas of the body where muscle problems most often occur. During the massage, pressure is applied up both sides of the spine and along the lower back, moving up towards the shoulders and neck.

Sports massage
This is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity. Soft tissue is connective tissue that has not hardened into bone and cartilage; it includes skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (a form of connective tissue that lines and encases the other soft tissues). Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused from repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma. The application of sports massage, prior to and after exercise, may enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.

Retreat ~ €85, 
Treatment ~ €15

Mindfulness with Molly Retreat

May 5th-11th, 2021

Dive deeper into mindfulness and find ease during Spring of 2021. Be led by professional Mindfulness Coach Molly Black who is based in Chicago, IL. 

Molly specializes in yoga, meditation, Reiki and leads mindfulness coaching for groups and individuals.

Experience and enjoy transformative yoga classes, Reiki sessions, guided meditations, mindfulness workshops, nourishing meals prepared as well as cultural experiences curated by locals in the quaint area of Portugal in which this retreat is being held. 

***Wellness sessions and mindfulness workshops to be booked separately HERE ***

Daily Schedule:

8am ~ Yoga and Meditation practice

9:30am ~ Breakfast

11am ~ Mindfulness Workshop

1pm ~ Lunch

2pm-4pm ~ Afternoon free time - tours (at additional cost) available off-site OR relax on-site using our chemical free eco-pool, wild swim in creek, read a book in a hammock, explore a hiking trail at our doorstep, and more.

4:30pm ~ Yoga and Meditation Practice

6pm ~ Dinner followed by evening free time - jacuzzi on and other evening on-site activities available

Cara Creek Eco Lodge Booking Inclusions: Your chosen accommodation, all meals and snacks (we use the most local, fresh, and organic ingredients as possible), use of Paddle Boards and Mountain bikes, transport to and from Carregal do Sal train station, and other retreat center perks

Price varies based on accommodation chosen, Early Bird discount available, paid in full until DECEMBER 1, 2020!

~ Stone House Private Room, detached shared toilet/shower: Early Bird €1,100, After December 1 €1,250

~ Private Tetra-Pod, detached shared toilet/shower: Early Bird €955, After December 1 €1,085

~ Private Penta-Pod, detached shared toilet/shower: Early Bird €885, After December 1 €1,010

~ Shared Stone House Twin Room (2 people), detached shared toilet/shower: Early Bird €815, After December 1 €925

~ Shared Tetra-Pod Twin (2 people), detached shared toilet/shower: Early Bird €740, After December 1 €845

~ Shared Penta-Pod (couples or friends willing to share a queen size bed): Early Bird €665, After December 1 €760

To reserve your accommodation package for this retreat, please visit our Booking Page and find Mindfulness with Molly Retreat Booking Options.

Don't forget to book sessions and workshops portion of retreat by following this link.

Contact us with any questions, any time.


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Cara Creek Eco Lodge

Accommodations ~ Spring 2021

From Spring of 2021 we will have a variety of accommodations to choose from for your stay. From unique glamping style eco-pods to dorm house & private rooms in our renovated stone ruins.


Mindfulness with Molly

May 5th to May 11th, 2021 ~ A retreat to dive deeper into mindfulness and find ease with professional Mindfulness Coach Molly Black who is based in Chicago, IL. Experience & enjoy transformative yoga classes, Reiki sessions, Guided Meditations, and Mindfulness Workshops.


Yoga Teacher Training ~ 2021

Summer of 2021 we will be hosting 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Off Grid Yoga School, and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with AnyBody Movement. Both are Yoga Alliance Accredited Schools with fantastic reviews. See more to explore these opportunities to advance your yoga practice.



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