The Surrounding Area

The surroundings of Cara Creek Eco Lodge offer not only beautiful views in nature, but also the deep richness of the regional Portuguese culture.



Just 5 minutes by foot from Cara Creek Eco Lodge, you have the unmissable opportunity to see a derelict water mill set in the banks of the Seia River. If you're lucky, you might even get the chance to see the shepherd and his sheep passing or grazing in the local pastures.

Whilst having a coffee and a typical pastry in one of the quaint villages of Ervedal da Beira or Azenha, you can't help but notice the region's culture and close-knit community. By sitting and having a chat with the locals in the cafe, you'll soon get a feel for the authenticity of both the people and the lifestyle that remain palpable here in the Beiras Region. You'll become accustomed to the way of life and enjoy the innate tranquility that is forever present in the surrounding Portuguese villages.

Nearby tours offer an opportunity to further immerse yourself in the native atmosphere that the area has so well preserved. Some include a visit to one of the regional cheese factories or a local olive museum. If you are a wine lover, maybe a visit to one of the local wineries is best suited for you. It will give you the opportunity to gain more insight into the long-lived wine making process that the community has used for generations, plus enjoy a taste! Or, alternatively, if you are a thrill seeker, perhaps a mountain bike or paddle board tour would be a better option for you. Regardless of the tour chosen, you will undoubtedly gain more insight into the rural Portuguese way of life, and see first-hand how the small agricultural businesses still manage to thrive today. Plus, you'll get to see more of the gorgeous Beira Region. Visit The Beiras Tour Co.  for more details.


Stay with Us

Cara Creek Eco Lodge

Mini Farm | Our Pets

Meet Lily and Lola, our dwarf goats! Maintaining our permaculture principles, they eat the weeds and provide us with milk to make fresh cheese. We have pigs that enjoy roaming freely down by the river, and chickens for fresh eggs, too. We also have loveable pets, 4 dogs and 2 cats.


Unique Accommodations

Sip a coffee as the river flows past your private deck of one of our 5 Penta-Pods. Star Gaze from bed in one of our 4 Tetra-Pods. Pitch your own tent in our camping area. Or from Spring 2020, stay in one of our renovated traditional Portuguese stone houses.


Exceptional Eco Facilities

We have built some eco-friendly facilities that blend in well to those that are naturally provided. Paddle in the natural swimming pool, relax in the wood-fired hot tub, rock jump into the creek for a wild swim, or stand up paddle board along the River Mondego....



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Cara Creek Eco Lodge

Mondego, Fiais da Beira,
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