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It's a pleasure to welcome you to our home where we live, build, create and host. Rory's from Ireland; I'm from the United States. We've both traveled in lived in various parts of the world before moving to Portugal.

Rory has been drawn to sustainability and natural building since his first career as a civil engineer. He worked as a project manager in New York, Australia and Ireland. While working on his Master's Degree in Sustainable Architecture, he began dreaming of a large scale natural building project.

Later, Rory gained most of his hands-on building experience in Guatemala. As a volunteer he project managed and built homes for families there using solely natural materials. When the projects were finished, he wasn't quite ready to move on from Guatemala so he built an Irish Bar and later a backpackers hostel in the Unesco Heritage Site of Antigua.

For as long as I can remember I have sought a sense of peace and healing within myself and for those around me, as well as a yearning to help others. I’ve found a sense of peace and healing for myself on my yoga mat for over 15 years as a healthy and helpful way to manage anxiety, depression and the overall rollercoaster of life.

An inner motive to care for others is what likely drew me to my first career as a nurse. During my years working on Pediatric Critical Care Units, yoga kept me grounded and well — mentally, physically and emotionally.

Although I no longer work full-time in hospitals, students benefit from the incorporation of my nursing knowledge into my yoga teaching.

Rory and I met while I was traveling in Guatemala, and soon began blending ideas and dreaming of a place built naturally and sustainably and immersed in nature where we'd incorporate practices to foster wellness. Rory embarked on a Permaculture Design Course while we decided which part of the world we'd go to for our next adventure.

We chose Portugal for it's friendly people and strong sense of community, and moved here in January 2017 with our dogs Hugo and Harvey.


Four short weeks later, we found the property that is now Cara Creek Eco Lodge and were in complete awe of its beauty. 

Drawn in by the River Seia rushing along the bottom of the meticulously stone-terraced slope. Although overrun with the non-native invasive species of mimosa trees, we couldn't help see past the work of clearing and envision our future here.

We've managed to clear the non-native invasive species implementing permaculture principles along the way. We use it for mulch, firewood, and have used it for fencing and weaving as well.

Slowly we're planting a more diverse and sustainable selection of trees and plants. We grow some of our own food and keep chickens and pigs, and a sweet goat named Lola. Plus we have 4 dogs and 2 cats, all with unique and lovely personalities.

It has been, and continues to be a journey of hard work with a deep appreciation and love for the nature that surrounds us... Even when it surprises us with stormy setbacks!

Many of the designs have been inspired by living on-site (in a tent for the first 18 months) with the cycles and patterns of nature. 


We're always expanding and improving - and we're so happy to be at a stage where we can share our place with you. We hope that you enjoy their little piece of paradise as much as we do.

Cara Creek Eco Lodge


Lounge by the infinity pool; star gaze from the hot tub; break a sweat in the sauna; wild swim in the creek; read on the river beach; paddle board down the Mondego; workout in the open-air pavilion; hike to the waterfall... There's plenty to enjoy no matter what you're in the mood for!



Sleep in close proximity with nature with the comforts of a cozy bed in one of our eco pods - every "glamper's" (glamorous camper's) dream. Alternatively, book a private room in one of our sustainably renovated stone houses.


Treat Yourself

To treat yourself during your stay, there are a variety of holistic therapies to book including: Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment, Soul Coaching, and Private Yoga.


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Cara Creek Eco Lodge

Cara Creek Eco Lodge
O Mondego, Fiais
Ervedal Da Beira, Oliveira do Hospital
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